Being raised in Southern Baptist country and (fortunately) not being forced to adhere to it, at all, the combination of art and churches has always intrigued me on some strange level. Then after all the research I did on Obscenity law –look under Thesis Talk for further Obscenity Law discussion-, the interest was increasingly peaked. Now that I’m about to embark on a job marketing a theater space housed and owned by a church, I’m kind of loving the idea (and loving the hope that even the most puritan idealists can find value in the visual arts).

This is Secret City re-introduces the concept of art as a sacred thing. It’s not in a church, but people think it is b/c of the ritual its based on. Check them out.  “It’s a salon, it’s a celebration, it’s a show. And it’s a ceremony in a religion without any dogma. For inventing a monthly event that builds connections among artists by offering them sanctuary, humor, beauty, and wonder, the judges have awarded a special citation to The Secret City.”- The Obie Award Committee

The Secret City is an on-going, collaborative, community based art ritual that has limitless potential for impacting the lives of artists, and the world in which we live.