Hi all – so now that my thesis is in that fuzzy area between edits and completion (why oh whhyyyy do thesis advisors have to move away…) i have time to make and conceptualize a brand new series. The new paintings pictured below seem to have sprung from the children’s book i’m illustrating. I can’t stop drawing animals, bottom line.  So this series is about the personification of animals and the “animalization” (is that word?) of humans – which really, is only humans giving into their humanity/instincts, something that civilized society has been preaching to us to not do. I’m mystified by the different levels of acceptance of primal behavior in humans in the north (or rather, urban areas) as opposed to the south (or rather, rural areas). In the rural areas it’s all “keep it to yourself” and in the cities it’s all “express yourself!”

Anyway, a more developed artist statement is in the making. Until then, enjoy these images!

This is me trying to organize my thoughts and the grouping/layout of the collection:

Here are some works in progress: