Some of you might have seen my facebook update from yesterday, where I was horribly disturbed by a conversation between TOTALLY smart and better-than-everyone-undergraduates that I overheard in the subway on the way to work. Here is the conversation….before I exited the subway car so my face didn’t explode:

“Art is, like, the most worthless degree anyone can get. Like, haha, they have a degree in making shit with popsicle sticks.”

Now I’m not naïve, I realize that this really is what some people think about art who don’t live artistic lives, but people this young? I thought the youth of this country were more appreciative of art as a lifestyle and a valid career choice. Their sentiments enraged me, and what I have realized about myself is that it usually takes a bout of anger to get me moving. So, in artistic fashion, I want to make a book full of rebuttals to the “art is worthless” debate. That is to say, a book full of “Oh yeah! Art is worthless? Take this!” But with a bit more research and validity, of course.

SO, for anybody who wants to contribute to the book with their own statement on the importance of art, or where art is hiding that the normal non-artist doesn’t see, or statistics about how much money is spent in any art-related field, whatever you want really, that cites the importance and everywhere-ness of the art we live and breath, now’s your chance to shout it!
YOU don’t even have to be an artist, maybe you just know one (married one, birthed one or otherwise related to one or just appreciate their hard work, etc) And the statement can be about any kind of art as well: theater, dance, music, visual, the written word, movies, you name it, just:
• write down/doodle/illustrate/digitally design the sentiment / fact / statistic
• in a 9″x7″ format
• in whatever medium you’d like
• mail it (address at the end of the email) or scan it to me (in atleast 300dpi)
• include your name/city/profession with your image

After I collect all those who want to participate, I will make a book out of them using
The drawing could take you 5 minutes or 5 days, I don’t care, it’s mostly the statements that I’m focusing in on. But most of us being artistically-swayed, a little flare would be appreciated.

Here’s an example, I pen and inked this earlier today, it says:

“ARTISTS designed the clothes on your back and the ads that enticed you to buy them. WE ARE A PART OF THIS ECONOMY. We are here for good.”

Now, a book like this, which is sort of directed towards people who aren’t art-centric, won’t achieve it’s ultimate goal of convincing non-art appreciators that art is essential to life, if it’s only passed back and forth between artists, so a marketing plan to get it in front of people outside of our “bubble” is in the works, and it would be a great conversation to have with everyone who wants to contribute. I know of a few places in Philadelphia and North Carolina that I would like it to have a home, but I want to cast a wide net.Art is too important to let conversations like this one be ignored. I don’t want the people running this country when i’m old and feeble to not appreciate what I dedicated my entire life to, you know? I would feel like I hadn’t accomplished anything.So spread this idea around, if you’d like, the book format I’m looking at can accommodate 500 pages, so that’s 1000 drawings!

Let’s do this thing!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
4041 Powelton Ave, Apt A1
Philadelphia, PA 19104