After receiving the great honor of being nominated as one of Philadelphia’s Top 76 Creative Connectors, a little reflection is needed, if only in order to deflate the overly boosted ego I feel coming on…humility and “not needing the recognition to get things done” is of course one of the reasons why we were all nominated in the first place.

For most of us in the arts and culture sector, creative connecting is how we survive. Not one arts-centric non-profit organization that I know of would be able to stay afloat in this economy without forming partnerships within local community organizations, local government and neighboring businesses.

Sharing is in our nature…. It may have taken us a while to feel totally comfortable in doing so (and I as a child begrudged every instance where I had to share my toys with my older sister), but with time and the most faithful of supporters, any organization will come to realize the importance of sharing audiences, information and talent.

It’s nice to be recognized for acheiving something in the community that you feel is your inherent duty, as an arts advocate, to do. Becoming labeled “a hub of trust” will do all 76 of us very well for our future endeavors. Based on all the conversations I had with my fellow Connectors, we all love what we do, we love the people we get to do it and share it with (for the most part) and we’re devoted to the progress of our choosen fields.

Thank you, Leadership Philadelphia, for all your hard work in putting lil-ole-arts-folks up on a pedestal for a while 🙂